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Power supply product certification
CE is the "EU" Latin abbreviation, it is a kind of products that meet their specified qualified products.CE mark is mandatory to pass the requirements of EU implemented, one of the basic certification standard is the power supply of the production, health and safety and meet the basic requirements of environmental protection requirements of power supply products it must protect users.

FCC is a certified power. Electromagnetic interference at work will have a strong electromagnetic interference shielding. If not it is possible to display the impact the motherboard and other electrical equipment, and even to human body harm. So the electromagnetic interference has strict rules, standard FCC-A and industry standard the FCC-B standard of civil two, only with the power source is safe.

The standard of the corresponding product category:

The EU IEC standard

The corresponding standards for products


General safety isolation power output, less than 5VAC or 120VAC.


Toy products supply


General isolated power supply


Switching Mode Power Supply


Information products supply, mobile phone charger


Audio products supply


Universal battery charger, car battery charger and battery business


Power measuring instrument


medical equipment supply


Uninterruptible power supply UPS


The United States and Canada standard corresponding product categories:

UL,,CSA applied code


The application of the corresponding standard products

UL   131CSA     C22.2N0223

Safe low voltage power supply (including charger)

UL   1012CSA    C22.2N0107

Non safe low voltage power supply (including charger)

UL   458  CSA    C22.2N0107.1

car inverter

UL  1778CSA       C22.2N0107.3

Uninterruptible power supply CPS

UL   697CSA        C22.2N0173

Toy products supply

UL   5085CSA      C22.2N066

general-purpose transformer

UL   1411CSA      C22.2N01

Audio and video products general transformer

UL    60950CSA   C22.2N060950-1

The power of information products

UL    60065CSA   C22.2N060065

Audio products supply

UL   6010-1CSA  C22.2N06010-1

Power measuring instrument

Power product pictures: