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FCC certification profile

FCC is the United States Federal Communications Commission (Federal Communication Commission) abbreviation, founded in 1934, directly responsible to parliament, it is mainly on the radio, communication management and control, belonging to government agencies, law enforcement rights. In order to fulfill the communication law, treaties and international regulations functions, in order to promote the use of spectrum resources more effective, the Federal Communications Commission formulated the technical standard for radio equipment.


FCC certification is on aspects of electromagnetic compatibility testing and certification, have to control electromagnetic interference generated by the United States FCC for electronic products operating at frequencies above 9KHZ. Electronic products sold in the United States, the need to apply for FCC certification, and labeled with FCC mark.


There are three main ways of FCC authentication:

  Mainly for products Authentication Provider

FCC -VOC  Certification

AV products, cord phones,

Ordinary household appliances, commercial PC, FCC, Rule, Part 18, non Volkswagen consumer use of industrial, scientific research and medical equipment;


   The manufacturer or imported to ensure their products in the FCC accredited laboratories are necessary to detect, to confirm that the products comply with the relevant technical standards and maintain inspection report, FCC has the right to require manufacturers to submit test data samples or product equipment;

FCC- DOC  Certification


Home computers and peripherals,

Civil broadcast receiver,

Other receivers for FCC Rule Part 15,

Television interface equipment,

Cable systems, terminal equipment, and Part 18 are mass consumer use of industrial, research and medical equipment;


    Responsible for equipment (usually a manufacturer or importer) to test products in qualified testing agencies designated by FCC, to ensure that the equipment complies with the relevant technical standards and maintain inspection report, FCC has the right to request the party responsible for the equipment inspection data submitted samples or product, the product passed after the test DOC and test report, manufacturers can in the product stickers FCC logo, the U.S. market;


FCC -ID  Certification

Low power transmitters, such as cordless phones, automatic door remote controls, radio remote control toys, and safety alarm systems,

Part 15 intentionally transmits radio frequency energy to the device,

Part 18 uses industrial, research and medical equipment, automatic frequency conversion receivers and ultra regenerative receivers, television interface devices, and home computers and peripherals for mass consumers;

   The product through the test chamber approved by FCC after testing, test report, technical data, finished products include: product detail photos, block diagram, the manual, the same test report to FCC TCB.FCC TCB test chamber test chamber confirm that all the information is correct, and awarded a certificate, authorization of a FCC ID number;

For the first time to apply for FCC CERTIFICATION customers, you must first apply to FCC, a number -GRANTEE CODE. products, through testing and certification, marked on the product FCC ID number, you can sell to the U.S. market


Note: if a device is suitable for two or three types of approval, the responsible party shall select it

Equipment suitable for conformity declaration shall be provided with the following markings on the equipment:

Equipment suitable for certification (usually manufacturers or importers), and the responsible party shall have FCC ID markings on the equipment:



FCC certification authority and its explanation

FCC- VOC is directly issued by the FCC official name lab, such as: Treasure measurement technology, etc. (222278)

FCC -DOC by the United States, the European Union and Taiwan and other places obtained A2LA (American Laboratory Accreditation Association) or NVLAP (U.S. National Laboratory Accreditation System) authorized laboratory issued

Responsible for product (manufacturer or importer) to make products in qualified testing organizations FCC specified for product testing, make the test report, if the product conforms to the FCC standard, in the product affixed corresponding labels, in user manual in the statement on line with FCC standards, and maintain inspection report for the FCC request.


FCC- ID.ID certification issued directly by the TCB Agency (Certification) is the FCC application and test data based on an equipment approved. To apply for a FRN, used to fill in the other table. If the applicant is the first application of FCC ID, you need to apply for a permanent Grantee Code. Grantee Code to the applicant at the same time wait for the approval of FCC distribution, the applicant should seize the time will be ready for testing equipment. And materials required to submit all the inspection report of FCC have been completed, FCC should have been approved by the Grantee Code. applicant with this Code, test report and the requirements of the material Form 731 and Form 159.FCC FCC received Form 159 and remittance on the Internet the average time, began to accept certification for.FCC accepted ID application for 60 days. At the end of acceptance, FCC will FCC ID Original Grant sent to the applicant applicant to get the certificate. Then you can sell or export the appropriate products


FCC certification process

The specific procedures for applying for FCC certification by clients are as follows:

1, the client submits the application form (we provide blank application form);

2, customers and our company signed a commissioned inspection contract;

3, send sample inspection, and prepare electrical schematics, external / internal photos, oscillator circuit diagram, user manuals, nameplate identification, work instructions and so on (according to the product varies);

4, after passing the test, if it is FCC VOC certification, our company will issue a certificate and report directly. If it is FCC, DOC or ID certification, we will submit the application information to the FCC authorized issuing agency;

5, after the enterprise obtains the FCC authentication, can use the FCC mark in the product

Note: FCC ID certification requires the submission of data lists and requirements as follows:

1) FCC application form: the name of applicant company, address, contact information, product name and model number, and the use of standards and other information requirements accurate;

2) FCC authorization letter: signed and sealed by applicant company's contacts and scanned into electronic files;

3) FCC confidential letter: the confidential letter is the agreement signed by applicant company and TCB organization to keep the product data confidential, signed and sealed by applicant company's contact person and scanned into electronic file;

4) block diagram: all crystal oscillators and frequency of crystal oscillator should be drawn and consistent with circuit diagram;

5) circuit diagram: it must be in line with the crystal frequency, the number of crystal oscillator and the position of the crystal oscillator inside the block diagram;

6) line description: requirements for English, the product function realization principle is described clearly;

7) instruction manual: FCC warning language is required;

8) label and label position: label should have FCC, ID number and Statement, label position requirement is notable;

8) product internal and external view: ask for clear pictures and add notes when necessary;

9) test report: required testing completed, according to standard terms, comprehensive evaluation of products;

Note: our company is authorized by the FCC laboratory, has rich experience in wireless product authentication, authorization certificate number Registration number:222278 query URL: https://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/oetcf/eas/reports/TestFirmSearch.cfm


FCC certified product type:

1, power FCC authentication: communication power supply, switching power supply, charger, display power supply, LED power supply, LCD power supply, uninterruptible power supply, UPS and so on;

2, FCC certification: chandeliers, track lights, garden lights, portable lamp, lamp, LED lamp, lamp series, lamp, LED lamp, LED bulb lamp, grille lamp, aquarium lamp, street lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, energy-saving lamp, T8 lamp etc.;

3, FCC certification: home appliances, fans, electric kettle, stereo, TV, mouse, vacuum cleaner, etc.;

4 、 electronic FCC authentication: earplug, router, mobile phone battery, laser pen, vibrating bar, etc.;

5, communication products FCC authentication: telephone, cable telephone, wireless host, auxiliary machine, fax machine, answering machine, data machine, data interface card and other communication products

6, wireless products FCC certification: BT Bluetooth products, tablet computer, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless reader, wireless transceiver, wireless interphone, wireless microphone, remote control, wireless network device, wireless image transmission system and other low power wireless products etc.;

7, wireless communication products FCC authentication: 2G mobile phone, 3G mobile phone, 3.5G mobile phone, DECT mobile phone (1.8G, 1.9G frequency band), walkie talkie and so on;

8, mechanical FCC certification: gasoline engine, electric welding machine, CNC drilling machine, tool grinding machine, mower, washing equipment, bulldozer, lift, punching machine, dishwasher, water treatment equipment, gasoline welding machine, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, rotary drilling rig, mowing machine, snow machine, excavator, printing machine, printer, cutting machine, roller, smooth machine, cutting machine, hair straightener, food machinery, lawn machines etc.;


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