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VCCI Certification

VCCI authentication

VCCI is compatible with the certification mark in Japan by the Japanese electromagnetic, electromagnetic interference control committee (Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment) management, VCCI certification is not mandatory, but in Japan, sales of information technology products, will generally be required for VCCI certification. The manufacturer should first apply to become a member of VCCI, can be used VCCI mark. In order to obtain VCCI approval, EMI provides test report must be registered by VCCI accredited test institutions issued by Japan. There is no immunity to the standard.


Introduction to VCCI certification

Japan's VCCI certification is designed for electromagnetic equipment IT emission control, the certification of products EMC certification, which is different from other countries for various product certification system.VCCI is a non mandatory, completely based on the principle of voluntary, but is used by many companies, in order to prove that the quality of products. So, VCCI certification is only on the theory of "voluntary", the market pressures are actually implemented. Only the VCCI laboratory members are eligible for this certification, which must have VCCI certificate of authorization by the laboratory to report such.VCCI members around the world, but not limited to Japan.


Manufacturers need to become a member of VCCI to use the VCCI tag, as long as the manufacturers around the world to pay membership fees and annual membership fee can become a member of the organization. After that the customer after getting the product test report but also to the VCCI to pay membership fees and membership fees to use the VCCI tag, which is called to the Japanese mainland registration procedures.


Products that pass the VCCI standard will allow the correct VCCI label to be affixed to the product. The product's A grade label shall indicate that the product complies with the RF radiation clause, and, conversely, the B grade product simply displays the basic VCCI mark


It should be noted that the certification is only for the IT computer peripherals, and not any electronic and electrical products are suitable, other products apply to


VCCI certification mark

VCCI certification process

1, manufacturers or agents submit initial oral or written applications to the certification company

2, the applicant fill out the application form, the application form, product manuals and technical documents sent to the certification company (if necessary, also asked the applicant company to provide a prototype)

3, the certification company plans and offers

4, the applicant confirmed the quotation, return the signed quotation, and sent samples and related technical documents to the certification company

5, the applicant to provide technical documentation

6, the certification company issued a fee notice to the applicant, and the applicant requested the prepaid certification fee according to the fee notification

7, the certification company reviewed the technical documents and organized the relevant certification activities

8, if the technical documents are not perfect or the language is not used, the certification company will notify the applicant to improve

9, if the test failed, certification company will promptly notify the applicant and to decide whether to suspend the project, to allow the applicant for a modified product. Change the applicant to the original application of information technology, in order to reflect the actual situation after the change.

10 the certification company will issue a supplementary fee notice to the applicant for the rectification fees involved in article 9,10 of this page

11, the applicant shall pay the rectification fee according to the supplementary fee notice

12, certification companies provide test reports or technical documents to applicants, as well as VCCI compliance certificates

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