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German GS certification

Introduction to GS certification

GS is the German "Gepr FTE Sicherheit" (security authentication) acronym, GS logo for the German voluntary safety signs; but very popular consumer attention. Many products, including household appliances, lighting, audio video products, communication products, office equipment, power tools, electronic toys, electronic measuring instruments and so on, if no GS mark, it is difficult to sell in Germany or the surrounding area. To promote home GS certification for the development and management of the company is essential!


GS certification mark

GS certified product range

Household appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines, air purifiers, electric kettles, kitchenware, etc.;

Household machinery;

Sporting goods;

Household electronic equipment, such as audio-visual equipment;

Electrical and electronic office equipment, such as copiers, fax machines, shredders, computers, printers, etc.;

Industrial machinery, experimental measuring equipment;

Other safety related products, such as bicycles, helmets, ladders, furniture, etc.



GS certification data preparation

1) fill out the application form;

2) list of important parts (with their certificates and specifications);

3) German nameplate;

4) circuit diagram;

5) circuit board diagram (please mark actual size);

6) German manual;

7) 2 - 4 samples;

8) explosion diagram (decomposition diagram)



GS certification process

1) first meeting: our center explains to the applicant's product engineer the specific procedures for certification and the relevant standards, and provides the document form to be submitted (application form, etc.)

2): by submission of application materials to meet the requirements of the documents, for electrical products, need to submit product assembly drawings, electrical principle diagram, bill of materials, product use or installation instructions, series type difference between description and other documents.

3) technical meeting: after the applicant or the testing organization has checked the applicant's documents, the technical meeting with the applicant's technical personnel will be arranged

4) sample testing: the test will be carried out in accordance with the applicable standards and may be conducted in any of the laboratories of the manufacturer or any laboratory located in the laboratory

5) factory inspection: GS certification requires the production site for safety related procedures inspection

6) issue GS certificates



GS certification factory inspection:

1, quality management

1.1 is there a management body responsible for the quality of products outside of production, the name of the person in charge?

1.2 has the training plan for all types of personnel been formulated and implemented, in particular the training plan for key technical personnel?

1.3 proportion of quality management personnel in production

1.4, key production processes, whether the production records, product packaging is no serial number, if not, the quality problems, how to detect defective products?

1.5 warehouse management, production operators whether or not related to the inspection?:

1.5.1 raw materials

1.5.2 production process

1.5.3 finished products

1.6 there is no quality check, who is in charge?

1.7 whether to hold the quality analysis meeting regularly, to deal with the quality problems in time, and to do feedback work well

2, the product line of certified products

2.1 have the production flow chart and quality control chart of the certified product and the production system specified in written form

2.2 the equipment, instruments and quantities on the production line have no maintenance system and regular inspection system and records

2.3 are there any key production equipment, process equipment and test equipment? How about accuracy? Provide relevant list

3, raw materials, components, parts and components

3.1 provide key parts, key materials catalogue

3.2. How to ensure the quality of raw material, purchased parts, parts and components (inspection code for parts and raw materials), and whether to receive and keep the system

4, measurement

4.1 is there a metering organization?

4.2, the work scope of measurement institutions, personnel profile (whether or not passed by the measurement department)?

4.3 if there is no measurement institution, please explain which unit is used for measurement

5, the factory testing institutions

5.1, list the main test equipment name and production plant, whether there is no qualification certificate and effective identification certificate (accuracy, grade), which tests can be carried out?

5.2 test environment

6, technical documents and information

6.1 product drawings and product specifications, process documents

6.2 test report on Application of certified product within the last half year

6.3 percentage of scrap to total output found in the last six months

7, technical services

How the 7.1 case records and user evaluation?



GS authentication cycle

The routine is 4-5 weeks. It can be expedited or expedited


GS standard basis

GS certification to the German product safety law as the basis, the detection of a voluntary certification in accordance with the standard EN or the German industrial standard DIN. The German safety certification mark recognized by the European market. The GS test for electrical products, different products are tested in accordance with the relevant safety standards, most of its content is similar to the CE/LVD test some products, but also additional German security requirements for the test, and more stringent requirements.


GS issuing authority

(1) German certification body: GS certification agency, TUV, VDE and so on, which is usually well-known in Germany, is the GS certification institution which is directly recognized by Germany

(2) other certification bodies: in general, other GS issuing agencies in Europe with Germany are ITS, SGS, KEMA, ITS, NEMKO, DEMKO and so on


The difference between GS authentication and CE authentication
GS Certification CE Certification
Voluntary certification non-compulsory Compulsory certification Compulsory
Apply German safety regulations for testing GS Apply European standards (EN) for testing
An independent third by the German government authorized party Having complete technical documentation (including testing)
Test and issue GS logo certificate On the premise of (reporting), the CE can be declared by itself
Annual fee must be paid Annual fee is not required
Factory reviews are required annually No factory inspection required
Issuing GS mark by authorized test unit Factory self declaration of conformity to the product
Confidence and high market acceptance The credibility and low market acceptance

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