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PPE Personal Protection Directive


Building instructions of personal protective equipment (PPE)

PPE personal protective is short for equipment, PPE refers to any individual to prepare for one or more damage to health and safety risk while wearing or holding device or appliance. Mainly used to protect employees from due to exposure to chemical radiation, electric equipment, manpower and equipment, serious injury or illness or some dangerous work in mechanical equipment places caused. For example: working with protective goggles; household shoes, sunglasses, gardening gloves; entertainment for biking, skating with a helmet and so on.PPE directive does not function or leisure area division of personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment are all either for work, family and leisure or sports PPE must comply with this Directive.

The scope of application of the PPE

1 head protection

Cap, dust cap, waterproof cap, winter cap, safety helmet, anti-static cap, anti high temperature anti electromagnetic radiation cap, cap, cap and other insects

2 respiratory protective equipment

In order to prevent the harmful gas, vapor, dust, smoke, fog inhalation through respiratory tract or directly to the wearer supply or clean air, the dust, pollution or protective equipment workers in the anoxic environment of normal breathing; such as: anti-dust masks and respirators (mask)

3 eye face protection products

The prevention of smoke, dust, metal and sparks flying debris, heat, electromagnetic radiation, laser, chemical splash damage to the eyes or face; such as: welding goggles; furnace goggles; anti shock eye protectors

4 hearing organ protection

To prevent excessive acoustic intrusion of external auditory canal, ear to avoid excessive stimulation of noise, reduce the hearing damage such as earplugs, earmuffs and anti noise helmet

5 hand protective equipment

The protection of hand and arm function; such as common protective gloves, waterproof gloves, cold proof gloves, protective gloves, anti-static gloves, high temperature resistant gloves, X gloves anti radiation, anti acid gloves, oil proof shockproof gloves, gloves, anti cutting gloves, insulated gloves.

 6 foot protective equipment

To prevent the harmful substances and energy damage workers foot during the production process; such as dustproof shoes, waterproof shoes, warm shoes, shock resistant shoes, anti-static shoes, shoes, shoes and high temperature, anti acid, anti oil, anti hot shoe, shoes, anti puncture shoes, electrical insulation shoes, shockproof shoes etc.

7 trunk door activities

General protective clothing, waterproof clothes, winter clothes, anti smashing back clothing, protective clothing, flame retardant clothing, anti-static clothing, anti high temperature, anti electromagnetic radiation, acidproof alkali, anti oil, water jackets, insects, wind and sand etc.

8 skin care products

Skin care products for preventing skin (mainly face, hands and other exposed parts) against chemical, physical hazards and other factors. For anti-virus, anti radiation, anti paint and other types.

9 fall prevention activities

To prevent the body from falling, the rope body height, the operator fastened on a fixed object, or below the edge in the workplace of the net, to prevent accidentally falling, safety belt and safety net of two main types of such articles

PPE classification

Type 1: simple products

General requirements for all personal protective devices, users in response to the minimum risk to wear or wear and in danger when users can protect their products at the right time. Such PPE should be limited to to protect the wearer to prevent mechanical action in the epidermis (gardening gloves, thimble, etc.); the effect is small, easy to remove the cleaning material (for anti dilution detergent solution gloves, etc.); danger of heat treatment time, this danger will not put users at a temperature above 50 DEG C or lower, the collision will not make users to dangerous (such as some special occupation gloves, aprons and so on); for neither special. No protection under extreme atmospheric environment (safety helmet, seasonal clothing, footwear, etc.); will not hurt the body part and a small group of fatal irreparable damage to the collision and vibration (light Helmet, gloves, shoes, light, etc.).


2 kinds of complex product

For the prevention of deadly danger or prevention may seriously, and irreparable damage to the health of the dangerous PPE, users for designers to estimate the instantaneous effect of this dangerous to late notice, this kind of PPE should be limited to:

For the protection of solid or liquid aerosol or irritation, dangerous, toxic or toxic gas filtering breathing device radiation;

For respiratory protection is completely isolated from the atmosphere, including respiratory protection device for diving;

The PPE provides only limited protection for chemical or ionizing radiation;

In the role of the equivalent temperature of 100 DEG C, and may have to infrared radiation, flame or a large number of jet of molten material for use in high temperature environment urgent

Rescue equipment;

- to guard against falling down from the height of the PPE;

- to guard against the risk of electric shock and voltage for dangerous or PPE. insulation high voltage operation

Type 3: other products

These two types of products outside, specifically for the armed forces or maintain the legal order of use and the design and manufacture of PPE (helmets, shields and other). For self-defense PPE (smoke canisters, self-defense weapons etc.). For personal use to prevent the following hazards and the design and manufacture PPE:

Atmospheric environment (hats, seasonal clothing and footwear, umbrella etc.);

- moisture and water (dishwashing gloves, etc.);

Heat (gloves).

To protect or rescue ships or aircraft crew, and not always wear PPE.

For two or three wheel motorcycle rider helmet and goggles.

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