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German TUV certification

TUV authentication

T V is a symbol of the German T safety certification V components designed for product customization logo, is widely accepted in Germany and Europe. At the same time, enterprises can apply for T V logo, apply for CB certificate by the merger, conversion and made other countries certificate. Moreover, the product through the authentication after the German T V will move forward to query the qualified components supplier rectifier machine factory recommend these products; in the process of the certification, who got T u V sign component can free.



Application of safety standard is intended to prevent a variety of potential dangers in the process of using household appliances caused by personal injury and property losses, including electric shock or shock, high temperature or fire danger, machinery exist radioactive hazard, chemical hazards.

The main areas of the world home appliance regulatory requirements are IEC60335 based on IEC standard, the European standards and international standards. Most close to the European standard is divided into two parts, the first part of EN60335-1 is the comprehensive requirements of household electrical appliances; the second part is the EN60335-2 special additional requirements of various types of household appliances, this part up to dozens of standard.



TUV certification mark



Electrical safety

The European standard for electrical safety of information products is EN60950, which is the technical specification of the German T V information products GS certification. For computer display, GS certification also includes EN50279 standards and ISO9241 standards. As the world information product safety standards in the International Electrotechnical association based on the IEC950 standard, so, when the enterprises in the application German T u V GS certification, and other countries should pay attention to apply for certification.


Services provided

1. radio and communication products certification advisory services

2. product testing: short distance wireless devices, wireless LAN, GSM, CDMA, DECT, Bluetooth, PMR, micro device, PLG, modem, ISDN, ADSL, xDSL, communication network equipment, etc.

3., according to the ETSI standard, the United States FCC standard, and other countries, such as Australia, Singapore and Japan and other countries to test the radio communication equipment

4. European spectrum notification

5. EMC testing

6. electrical safety and health protection test (SAR evaluation)

7. test the compatibility and quality of analog and digital terminal equipment

8. conduct on-site or public training and Discussion on radio and communication equipment


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