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SASO certification profile

SASO is English Saudi Arabian Standards Organization abbreviation, namely Saudi.SASO standards organization responsible for the formulation of national standards for all products and daily necessities, the standard also relates to the metric system, identification and so on. In fact, there are a lot of SASO standard in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) related to the establishment of basic safety standards and other international organizations the. Like many other countries like Saudi Arabia, according to civil and industrial voltage of our country, geographical and climatic environment, ethnic and religious habits add some unique items in the standard. In order to achieve the objective of consumer protection, the SASO standard not only for products imported from abroad, for the production of local products in Saudi Arabia also applicable.


The Ministry of industry and Commerce of Saudi Arabia and the SASO require that all products contained in the SASO certification standards will have SASO certification when entering the Saudi customs. The products without SASO certificates will be refused entry at the Saudi port customs



SASO certification standards include products

According to the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, SASO certification contains all products for adults and children in dwellings, offices or entertainment, all motor vehicles and spare parts, and building products


These products can be divided into the following categories:

Category 1: Toys

Second categories: Electrical and electronic products

The third category: automotive products

The fourth category: chemical products

The fifth category: other products

The following categories of consumer products are: medical instruments, medical products, food products, and military products

Products prohibited from Saudi Arabia include weapons, alcohol, sedatives, pork, pornographic materials, wine making equipment, fireworks, Christmas trees, nutmeg, masks, video phones, animals and human toys or statues of more than 40 species


Application process and data of certification

1., customers provide samples, fill in the SASO application form (signed and sealed), and provide commercial invoices, proforma invoices and packing list to us;

2., we will test reports, CNAS certificates, SASO applications, commercial invoices, proforma invoices, packing list, product photos, submitted to the CCIC or BV related personnel audit;

3. CCIC or BV approved by us for payment;

4. arrange the inspection time and prepare the inspection. After the inspection, the customer will provide the final packing list and invoice, and finally confirm

More than 5. is correct, after the CCIC or BV drafts, certificate confirmation, customer confirmation draft certificate, if correct, within 5 working days can be closed


Product certification form

PCP requires each batch of goods arrive Saudi port shall be accompanied by a uniform certificate of conformity (CoC:Certificate of Conformity), without carrying to Saudi port of import goods will be extended to customers. Exports can be based on the frequency, choose three different ways to get CoC.

Route 1: Conformity verification

The exporter or supplier before shipment for shipment on-site verification and testing in each time, to determine the required products meet Saudi Arabia technical regulations necessary safety, environmental or other criteria. The results obtained after passing CoC certification. This way is suitable for export frequency is not high, such as export frequency less than three a year, recommended this way.

Route 2: Registration (Registration) and on-site inspection before shipment

The exporter or supplier shipment sample for testing after passing the test of the model (or model) of the product can get a certificate of registration, registration is valid for one year. In this period, the registered products only need to conduct on-site verification for each shipment before shipment, check the results obtained after passing the CoC certificate.


Technological process:

<1> we submit: product test report, SASO application form, CNAS authorization form for CCIC/BV application for registration certificate

<2> registration certificate down, within one year can be converted to CoC certificate

If the customer shipments of large (at least 1 months, so more than three single) can apply for exemption of goods, but the inspection fee or the normal delivery, but the customer is not up to the frequency.

Route 3: quality mark Certificate (QM:Quality Mark)

In accordance with the general requirements of the basic program system of the third party product certification ISO/IEC guidelines for typical 28-, of type test and the initial factory inspection for products, qualified can be obtained after the QM certification, the validity of the certificate is maintained by the supervision and inspection of the follow-up year.


Places requiring special attention during inspection

1, tag language: English or arabic;

2, manual, warning: Arabic or Arabic + english;

3, products and packaging or labels should be printed with "MADE IN CHINA" words; (MADE, IN, CHINA must be non removable way, reflected in the product and packaging, can not use ordinary stickers affixed);

4, voltage: 220V-240V or 220V; current: 60Hz or 50/60Hz; voltage, frequency must contain 220V/60Hze);

5: British plug plug must be inserted three (BS1363 plug);

6, all hand held electric tools and household articles must have Arabic instructions;

7, do not allow any unauthorized SASO LOGO registered on the product or packaging to avoid the goods, therefore, in the port of destination by the Saudi customs SASO customs clearance;

Note: in order to avoid re examination, please send us the labels, pictures, plugs, pictures, brochures and warning pictures of the outer packing and the products, and the product itself and the packaging need to reflect the above information

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