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KC  Certification



    Certification scope: South Korea KC certification, KCC certification, power KC certification, EK certification, KTL certification, adapter KC certification, South Korea lithium battery certification

I. overview of KC certification

Electrical appliances safety certification system is based on electrical appliances Safety Management law enforcement and self-discipline (voluntary) safety certification certification system, is to obtain safety certification manufacturing / sales system

Apply for security certification object is:

Domestic and foreign production of electrical products, assembly, processing all enterprises (legal persons or individuals)


Security certification system and method are:

The product model is applied for certification and is divided into basic models and derived models

In order to distinguish models, electrical appliances are designed to give each product its own product name in accordance with functions that are different from each other


The basic model is:

In the electrical application of basic circuits and electronic safety applicable to the basic structure of similar models of electrical appliances, the use of standard products for safety certification


Derived model:

The core circuits related to authentication need to be the same as those of the basic model. The same components and similar products do not affect the electrical certification directly

The distinction between compulsory certification and self regulatory (voluntary) security certification is that:

Compulsory certification means: all electronic products belonging to mandatory products must be KC Mark certified before they can be sold in the Korean market. Each year, factory inspection and product sampling testing are required

Voluntary (voluntary) certification means that all electronic products belonging to voluntary products only need to be tested for certificates, and do not need to be examined by the factory. The certificate is valid for 5 years


Certification mark and indication - KC certification mark (the same mandatory and self-discipline)


  • KC certification is based on the size of the product changes

    KC certification mark is a sign of the products or containers and packaging is easy to distinguish, printed or engraved adhesion is not easy to fall off for signs.

    With KC certification KC certification mark cover adjacent number. Other matters relating to the safety standards of the Chinese English or postscript etc.

    - KC certified. The cover color is marked black



Two KC certification process

Three applicant (or agent) submit the product information


  • At the time of the new application, the certification process generally includes the following

    (1) application form: electrical appliance safety certification application (compulsory product), electrical appliance self regulatory safety confirmation application and electric appliance self regulatory safety declaration (self controlled product);

    (2) model differences (for multiple models)

    (3) circuit schematic diagram and PCB LAYOUT

    (4) list of key originals and relevant certification;

    (5) transformer and inductance specification (English)

    (6) product frame drawing;

    (7) power of attorney

    (8) ID application form;

    (9) tag (Marking, Label)

    (10) product manual (Han Wen)

    If a product is produced by several independent factories, although the product is the same type, some factories should also obtain certification mark. Overseas manufacturers can apply directly or authorized agents and representatives of local manufacturers for South Korea.



Four factory review


  • The Korea Security Act provides for the first factory review of the plant after acceptance of the application

    In accordance with the requirements of the safety law, a preliminary assessment of the quality control system of the plant is carried out, with the following aspects covered:

    The factory should implement the rules and requirements of factory's quality assurance ability of production and product certification by the certification body to confirm qualified samples in accordance with product safety certification certification. According to the relevant laws and South Korea Industrial Technology Research Institute (KTL) of the relevant provisions, due to your factory under the documented procedures or regulations, the content should be adaptation and quality management and product quality control:

    1) product change control procedures

    (for example: certified products get certification declaration of change after the approval department should should be strictly in accordance with the content of the changes approved formulation of the related technical documents issued to the correct implementation of the certification product changes. Unauthorized change, not in product change imposed on the certification mark. Relevant departments)

    2) document and data control procedures

    3) the quality record control procedure shall include the record keeping period of at least 3 years (just stock, routine and running inspection records)}

    4) routine inspection and verification procedures

    5) nonconforming product control procedures

    6) inspection and verification procedures for key components and materials

    7) internal quality audit procedure

    8) procedures, guidelines, inspection standards, instruments, equipment, operating procedures, management systems and other procedures

    The factory shall keep at least the following quality records to verify that the factory has undergone all production inspections and production tests, and that the quality records shall be authentic and valid:

    9) routine inspection and confirmation of inspection records:

    Key components and materials incoming inspection / verification record and supplier's qualification certificate

    Records of calibration and verification of inspection and test equipment on a regular basis;

    Routine inspection and confirmation (running) inspection record

    Daily inspection record of safety equipment on production line (workshop)

    Disposal records of nonconforming products (stock, routine and operation);

    Records of internal audits;

    The customer complaint records to take corrective measures;

    The operation inspection unqualified corrective records;



    Annual factory review:


    After the authorization of the certificate, the certification authority will conduct an annual review of the factory each year, the main purpose is to check the consistency of the quality control system of the factory, and whether it can continue to comply with the standards of Safety Law



    The annual Factory review is divided into two parts:

    1) the quality documents, quality records, and relevant content of the manufacturing site shall be reviewed, and the requirements and contents are basically the same as those of the initial review

    2) need to confirm the consistency of all plant KC Mark licensed products. According to the certificate of licensed products attached (key components list), the key components, product certification materials, circuit structure, etc. to confirm whether consistent.



    Sampling requirements:


    Products included in the KC Mark compulsory certification range, so far, there are 216 kinds, the South Korean Security Act provides for the sampling of all types of products each year, so each product has a sampling every year



    Sampling method:


    By the factory inspector in the annual review, on-site production or inventory, the examiner sample letters within the factory 3 months the samples were sent to the specified address. The factory review no production or inventory, the factory shall be within 6 months will be sent to the specified address specified sample


    Five brief introduction of KTC and KTL testing organization

    KTC and KTL are the certification bodies designated by the Korea Institute of technology standards, which can issue KC mark certificates, as well as the testing organizations of products

    (1) Korea mechanical and electrical test on Electronic Institute (KTC, Korea Testing Certification KTC) was founded in 1970, is South Korea's official professional inspection and Research Institute. In earlier years, the Institute has been committed to the technical evaluation, suitable for detection, correction and inspection of medical appliances and information communication equipment inspection work.

    In 2000, the Institute was designated as the safety certification body for electrical appliances, and in 2003 it became the CB laboratory designated by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

    In order to meet the needs of Chinese and Korean customers, KTC set up a division in Shenzhen and Shanghai, and the official website of.KTC has three versions, Korean, English and Chinese



    (2) Korea Institute of industrial technology inspection (KTL);

    KTL was founded in 1966, in order to pass the inspection and evaluation agencies to provide support to improve the industrial technology and the establishment of detection and evaluation technology. In order to improve all kinds of certification system to promote its industry, to protect consumer safety and environment, KTL provides support for product development to obtain certification of the whole stage, to help enterprises to improve technological ability and improve the competitiveness.

    In addition, KTL or advanced (developed) countries testing, certification institution to carry out exchanges and cooperation of the Korean people organization, currently 67 test certification bodies and 35 countries have signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOU), 43 specifications in 9 areas issued CB certificate and test report.

    In view of electronic and electrical communication products and components, the Institute can detect and evaluate in the field of safety, electromagnetic compatibility and reliability evaluation

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