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IOS system certification

ISO certification introduction

ISO is an international organization for standardization, its full name is International Organization for Standardization (International Organization for Standardization).

Certification program



The certification process

ISO certification and ISO9001 management system certification, is also divided into initial certification, the annual inspection and assessment certification, as follows:


I. initial authentication

1, <ISO product certification enterprise will fill in the application form > together with the certification requirements of relevant materials offer us the Central Joint Certification Center (Beijing). Our center receives the application materials after the certification, will make a preliminary examination on the documents meet the requirements after the issuance of the notice of acceptance of < > (this means that if the material submitted is not complete, have can not accept the qualification, not to mention the contract payment. This point please apply for certification of enterprises and ten central certification counseling agency staff to give enough attention, so as not to affect the progress of it), to apply for certification of enterprises according to the notice > with me Center signed a contract.


2, our certification center received the enterprise's full certification fees, to the enterprise issued a spot inspection team notice, and on-site inspection, a week ago will check group composition and inspection plan officially reported to the enterprise confirmation


3, on-site inspection according to the requirement of environmental safeguards guide signs and corresponding environmental label product certification technical requirements, the need for the inspection of products, by the inspection team is responsible for applying for certification of product sampling and sample letters, sent to the designated inspection agencies inspection.


4, the inspection team shall submit a comprehensive evaluation report of environmental labeling products to the Technical Committee for examination according to the enterprise application materials, on-site inspection, product environmental behavior inspection reports, and environmental monitoring products


5, the certification center received technical committee review opinions, summary review opinions, reported to the general manager of the Certification Center for approval


6, the certification center will issue environmental labeling certification certificates to the qualified enterprises, and organize announcements and publicity


7, if an enterprise is required to sign, it may order to the certification center. If there are special printing requirements, it shall file an application with the Certification Center for the record


8, annual supervision and audit once a year


Two, annual supervision and inspection

1, according to the enterprise certification center certification issuing time, formulate annual plan, advance to the enterprise issued inspection notice. The supervision and management of enterprises according to pay the annual fee contract requirements, certification center inspection group, to the enterprise on-site inspection work.

2, the on-site inspection, the need for inspection of products, the inspection team is responsible for the application of certified products for sampling and sealing samples, sent to the designated inspection institutions for inspection

3, the inspection team shall make a comprehensive evaluation report according to the enterprise materials, inspection reports, product inspection reports, and report to the general manager of the Certification Center for approval

4, annual supervision and inspection once a year


Three, review of certification

Enterprises that have expired for 3 years should re sign the application form for environmental labeling products, and submit them to the certification center along with the relevant materials. The remaining certification procedures are the same as the initial certification

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