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China CCC Certification


1. what is CCC certification?

The CCC certification is "Chinese compulsory certification", its name is "China Compulsory Certification English", abbreviated as CCC.CCC certification mark "CCC", is the national certification and accreditation administration according to the regulations for compulsory product certification "(People's Republic of China State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine Decree No. fifth) formulated.


CCC certification mark

What are the CCC certification marks?

At present, CCC certification marks are divided into four categories, namely:

(1) safety certification mark CCC+S

(2) fire control certification mark CCC+F

(3) safety and electromagnetic compatibility mark CCC+S & E

(4) electromagnetic compatibility mark CCC+EMC

Each of these four types of labels has five sizes



CCC authentication directory

1, wires and cables (5 kinds);

2, circuit switching and protection or connection of electrical devices (6 kinds);

3, low-voltage appliances (9 kinds);

4, small power motors (1 kinds);

5, power tools (16 kinds);

6, electric welding machine (15 kinds);

7, household and similar equipment (18 species);

8, audio and video equipment category (excluding broadcast level audio equipment and car audio equipment, a total of 16);

9, it equipment (12 kinds);

10, telecommunication terminal equipment (9 kinds);

11, lighting equipment (a total of 2, excluding voltage less than 36V lighting equipment: lamps, ballasts);

12, motor vehicles and safety accessories (4 kinds);

13, motor vehicle tires (3 kinds);

14, safety glass (3 kinds);

15, agricultural machinery products (1 kinds);

16, latex products (1 kinds);

17, medical device products (7 kinds);

18, fire products (3 kinds);

19, security technology products;

20, wireless LAN products;

21, solvent based wood coatings (interior decoration for nitro paint, alkyd paint, polyurethane paint, solvent based wood coatings);

22, ceramic tile (used for building decoration, average water absorption of E<=0.5% ceramic tile: concrete antifreeze);

23, intrusion detector, anti-theft alarm controller, car anti-theft alarm system, anti-theft safe, anti-theft safe;

24, baby carrier, electric toy, plastic toy, metal toy, ejection toy, baby toy;

25, automotive lighting products, motor vehicle retro reflector, car travel recorder, vehicle products


CCC certification data preparation

1, mandatory product certification application form, please in accordance with the applicant's "enterprise legal person business license" fill in;

2 photocopies of the business license of the applicant, manufacturer and producer;

3, the certificate of registered trademark (when there is a registered trademark);

4, series model differences are explained;

5, factory inspection report (first trial and latest Factory review report), such as initial application, and fill in the factory questionnaire;

6, apply for prototype 4 units;

7, apply for certification products, Chinese, spleen and product warning signs in chinese;

8, product assembly diagram, electrical schematic;

9, apply for certification of Chinese products manual;

10. Photos of each model product in the same application;

11, safety and electromagnetic compatibility related components list;

12, the applicant, manufacturers and production plants are not at the same time, but also to provide relevant agreements;

13, such as the company has not done IS09001 certification, but also need to provide certification process flow chart


CCC certification process

1, certification applications

According to the information provided by your company (business license, organization code, certificate, product specification, model, specification), I am going to apply for the report information

2, type test

Assist factory product to pass inspection and issue type test report

3, factory review

It can assist the factory to check through the factory at one time

4, assessment certification

Can assist factories, two working days (data complete) within the evidence

5, the application of certification mark

Provide long term consultancy service to assist the factory to correctly use the "CCC" certification mark

6, after the approval of supervision

I provide long-term advisory services to assist the factory through annual on-site inspection



CCC certification factory inspection

(1) in general, at least one supervision and inspection is carried out every year for 12 months from the date of obtaining the certificate

(2) the process of checking and controlling the factory:

1, certification mark custody, use, control procedures;

2, product change control procedures;

3, document and data control procedures;

4 quality record control procedure;

5, supplier selection, evaluation and routine management procedures;

6, key components and materials inspection or verification procedures;

7 regular inspection procedures for key components and materials;

8, production maintenance system is set up;

9 routine inspection and verification procedures;

10, nonconforming product control procedures;

11 internal quality audit procedure

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