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Which products sold on e-commerce platforms need to be WEEE
发布日期:2023-08-24 13:50:45
WEEE is the European Union's recycling directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Under this directive, electronic products sold to EU countries should be registered with WEEE, including products sold on e-commerce platforms (such as Amazon). Therefore, if the product belongs to the controlled category of electronic products and is sold in the German market, it is necessary to complete the registration of the relevant WEEE.
Which products need to make German WEEE?
▶ Heat exchanger
▶ Screens, displays and devices, including screens with a surface area of more than 100 square centimeters
▶ Lamp
▶ Large equipment
▶ Small electrical appliance
▶ Small IT and telecommunications equipment (external dimensions not exceeding 50 cm)
What are the risks of control products not registered with German WEEE?
▶ Unregistered WEEE products will be removed from the shelves;
▶ Failure to use the registration number will result in a fine of up to €100,000;
▶ The seller may be subject to legal complaints from competitors.

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